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Finer Line

Finer line is a partnership of two medical practitioners providing facial beauty treatments that most people believe are for the rich and famous. Our aim is to achieve subtle enhanced beauty and delay the signs of ageing. We work together to achieve a balanced improvement in the overall appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The treatments result in a refreshed look that helps to build self confidence and a positive outlook. Our specialist skills and quality aesthetic products are locally available and affordable.



You may have been considering having treatment to reduce your wrinkles or you may have already had some. Either way at finer line we are able to give you professional advice on how to reduce your wrinkles and delay the signs of ageing. The two most common treatments are commonly called "Botox" and "fillers" they can be used singly or together at the same visit. So if you're looking for dermal fillers in Aylesbury, please come and visit us for a free consultation.



Injectable treamtents for fine lines and wrinkles
3 areas £250
2 areas £200
1 area £150

£250 for 1ml
£180 for 0.5ml